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I’m quite happy to have Obama in the White House and that other guy back in his village, but I really question the President’s choice for Secretary of Agriculture. Tom Vilsack has supported the über-evil Monsanto for ages, thereby advocating for GMO crops among other environmental and economical atrocities. His practices make me sad, and will make our country and developing nations really sad too. Please sign the petition to the Senate in opposition of Vilsack’s appointment to this critical cabinet position. We deserve better!



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Vinny wants YOU to Go Green!Earth Day is getting more attention this year than ever before, and I’m thrilled that the word is getting out to the masses. After all, Al Gore won an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize for his work, An Inconvenient Truth. Green is the new black. Being green is trés chic.

For me, being green is – and long has been – a basic human responsibility, like feeding your children (or doggies) and making a contribution to society. I hope people start making serious efforts (and it doesn’t take much effort, btw) to change their behaviors, going beyond bringing their own grocery bag and coffee cup. Yes, it helps, but we need to do more. Especially in the U.S.

A few links that caught my eye today:

Remember to love our Earth every day!

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During a discussion with my neighbors about our efforts to become more green, I was reminded of the Earth Day Footprint Quiz. Simply answer a few multiple choice questions and you shall learn how many planets it would take to support our population if everyone lived like you. Basically, it makes us all look like assholes.

As green as I am, my score is 12 acres; meaning if everyone lived as I do, we would need 2.8 planets. I’m a vegan, don’t eat processed foods, keep it local, don’t have a car, bike commute, and still have a 12? WTF?

So what’s your score?

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Portland is a great city. Over the past few years I’ve come to realize that I wouldn’t consider living anywhere else. (At least not in the U.S. Europe, on the other hand…)

Portland was recently name the best city in the U.S. for bicycling, sustainability, and veg*nism. If you don’t live in Portland, you should come here on your next vacation and check it out. If you do live here, keep Portland #1 by riding your bike, living green, and eating plant foods while foresaking all others. Below are links to the three “best of” articles.

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