Now for the big news of the week: My gas range is history! A guy came and picked it up tonight – he contacted me through my Craigslist ad.

I’m so glad it’s gone. It was ugly, really outdated, and, well, I’m raw. What do I need with a range? The only time I’ve used it in the past 18 months was to boil water for tea.

My kitchen is so small that I’m really excited about the extra space. Tomorrow I’m shopping for a kitchen cart – something that will actually get used – to fill the void.



I’m baaaack…

I’ve taken a long hiatus due to a hectic schedule, but am now ready to get back into the blogging groove. I had also stopped my regular yoga and meditation practice. It seems I was often too stressed out to even try relieving stress. Ridiculous! I can’t allow myself to get so wigged out, especially knowing the power of meditation. But, live and learn. Meditation is called a “practice” for a reason.

So now I’m back to yoga, meditation and reading Tolle’s books. Things are so much brighter and I know anything’s possible.

I took my zafu out to my courtyard to meditate last weekend. I’m so blessed to have such beautiful surroundings.


Today is Guido Vincenzo’s (aka Vinny) 11th birthday and, as you can see, he’s as handsome, healthy and toothy as ever. Here’s to 11 more years! 😛 And I believe that’s totally possible with proper diet, care and exercise.

I feed Vinny and Stella a raw diet with plenty of fruits, veggies and seeds; however, this is not a raw vegan diet. I am a raw vegan (well, actually bee-gan. I consume local bee pollen daily, but am otherwise completely vegan – including the avoidance of all leather and other animal-derived ingredients/items). So, how does a vegan feel about feeding her dogs raw meat and bones. Honestly, I’m torn between what is generally thought to be a necessity for canine health and my own convictions.

Dogs are omnivores, not obligate carnivores like cats are believed to be. I don’t buy into the belief that humans need – or should even consider eating – animal products for good health, so why do I think it’s necessary for dogs? For me, it comes down to the differences in our teeth and digestive systems. Dogs have very acidic digestive environments for breaking down meat and sharp teeth for ripping flesh and chewing bones. Humans have teeth intended primarily for grinding vegetation and have more alkaline digestive environments (at least they should be much more alkaline!).

I have a few articles and raw recipe books that promote and provide general guidelines for a raw diet for dogs. The best resources, in my opinion, are: Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, LifeFood Recipe Book, and an article in December 2007 VegNews. Based on these recipes and guidelines, I have been preparing the following for Vinny & Stella – with some seasonal variation – and they LOVE it.

  • Raw meat and bones – one of the following brands/varieties:
  • A mix of the following raw ingredients broken down in food processor and/or pulp from juicer. Nothing goes to waste here:
    • sunflower seeds and/or almond
    • avocado
    • carrots – whole and/or juice pulp
    • red bell pepper
    • fruit – usually apple, pear, melon w/rind, or juice pulp
    • greens – usually spinach, kale, baby lettuce mix, or juice pulp w/celery & cucumber too
    • parsley – my dogs never have bad breath. seriously!
    • garlic – natural flea control (not a big prob in Portland)
    • flax meal or oil
    • kelp
    • Green Mush

Peace. Or as Vinny says, Pace.

Keeping it Blended

I came home to my Organics to You shipment – always a nice way to end Monday. Here’s what I got – a nice mix, I think:

  • bunch of spinach
  • bag of baby greens
  • 2 bunches of carrots
  • 6 mangoes
  • 5 grapefruit
  • 3 heads romaine
  • 3 kiwis
  • 2 avocados
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 peaches
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 head garlic

I’ve enjoyed a diet of primarily blended or juiced foods since my juice feast. This seems to be working really well for me. I’m keeping full and satisfied, have good energy, and have lost additional weight. Don’t get me wrong – I love juicing – but blending offers a few benefits.

First, blending is comparatively inexpensive. I was juicing a head of kale most days, resulting in little juice and lots of pulp (which I fed to the dogs, BTW). Five oranges didn’t yield a huge amount of juice, so I’d mix it with several other items to make a quart. Now, I might blend one-third head of kale with an orange and a couple of kiwis. The green smoothies really stretch my organic produce budget. Second, blending is far less time consuming than juicing. Obviously. ‘Nuf said. Third, my body seems to operate well on a blended diet – as it did with a juiced diet. …I wonder how I’ll do with heavier or chewier foods in the future…

However, a benefit of juicing that I’m missing right now is the giant energy burst that I often experienced throughout the day. All the energy normally spent on digestion, even on blended stuff, was available in mega doses for other activities. Honestly, I sometimes found the energy overwhelming – especially when a good night’s sleep was at stake!

Listed below are the blended yummies I enjoyed today.

Breakfast: superfood smoothie – coconut water, hemp seeds, raw cocoa, maca, mesquite, lucuma, coconut oil, cherries, strawberries, gojis, chia gel, Greener Grasses, spirulina, probiotic powder
Lunch: green smoothie – kale, celery, orange, mango
Dinner: savory green smoothie (or soup) – spinach, beet greens, tomato, apple, avocado, cucumber, garlic, dulse, miso, cayenne, Earth


Smoothie Time!

I had a smoothie day today and felt terrific! No issues at all with change in diet from juiced to blended 🙂 .

Breakfast: romaine, orange, grape & banana w/grasses, spirulina, bee pollen
Lunch: spinach, dandelion, pineapple, kiwi
Dinner: coconut water, hemp seeds, raw cocoa, maca, mesquite, lucuma, coconut oil, cherries & strawberries, grasses, spirulina, probiotic powder


This is the last day of my juice feast. It’s been pretty good, but I’m just not feeling it anymore. I’ve decided to conclude my feast today and move toward green smoothies and other blended meals – still some green juice, too.

– Juice recipes for Day 10 –

Breakfast: carrot, beet, orange, strawberry
Lunch: kale, pear, lemon, ginger
Dinner: celery, cucumber, apple

On to the next adventure…


I’m on the mend — seeing the end of the flu (or whatever I have) tunnel. Yesterday, I was considering ending my juice feast, but this morning I woke up hungry for more. I’m not sure what that was all about. Probably nothing more than ALL food/beverages sounding unappetizing to me while feverish and dizzy. Thankfully, I’m over it. I’d like to continue this juicy journey and see where it takes me!

— So, on to my juice recipes for Day 9 —

: papaya, grapefruit, raspberry, lime, Greener Grasses, spirulina = tart!
Late afternoon
(slept through lunch):
carrot, cucumber, apple, celery, parsley, mint, ginger, lemon = seriously yummy!
This recipe is “sweet green juice” from Everyday Raw

: = relaxing
Supplements: coconut oil, bee pollen MSM, Intestinal Movement Formula

1lb of greens? Check!
1 head of celery? Check!
Tongue scraping? Check!
Dry body scrub? Check! It was pretty uncomfortable, though. I hear it gets better…
4 quarts of juice? Nope. I slept through lunch 😮 and wanted nothing but water for dinner
Weight loss? Check! 5lbs so far. How many were attributed to my illness? Oh well, I’ll take it!